Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 34-2020)

Weekly BC Insights

New crypto frameworks, crypto security guides & the state of CBDCs


This week’s blockchain insights include a report on the state of CBDCs, security measures for smart contracts and blockchain development, and trends towards Web 3 interoperability & composability.

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Blockchain Insights

The IMF (“International Monetary Fund”) shared an introductory video to blockchain.

Meltem Demirors shared an interesting report on how Bitcoin fits into an investment portfolio. It picks up important functions of Bitcoin such as “Bitcoin as a store of value” and shows shifting sentiment with investors as well as interesting stats such as “8.7% of Bitcoin were taken off exchanges this year”.

Brendan Blumer explained that Block One (behind EOS blockchain) is looking into working with different blockchains. This may be interesting for blockchain interoperability but it’s also a good sign for Bitcoin & Ethereum since Blumer & Block One belief in potentially better gains from getting exposure to these assets as well.

A great framework for crypto capital assets and value flows for protocol-generated cashflows was presented by Jon Itzler. His framework includes 3 tiers: Protocol volume, protocol revenue, and protocol divvy which describes how values are distributed among market participants.

An interesting thread was published on decentralization and Web 3. The decentralized Web attracts new talents, facilitates funding, composability of solutions and powerful network effects.

Here’s a simple first guide on safer liquidity farming. Even non-technical people can use the Diff Checker to compare new smart contracts with existing, audited contracts.


Blockchain development

Best practices in blockchain and smart contract development have evolved in the past years. The most recent go-to-market strategies & “test in production” experiments in Defi are complete opposites of the best practice workflow of specification definition, testing, limited exposure, audits.

Consensys also shared their smart contract best practices.

Since blockchain applications and smart contracts control billions of dollars, risk metrics are evolving and parties try to quantify that risk. DefiSafety is offering a risk score for Defi projects. Check it out here.


State of Central Bank Digital Currencies

The Block released an extensive report on the current state of CBDCs. Several Central Banks have already completed experiments, moved to advanced stage pilots & China is taking the lead. More jurisdictions provide a clear legislative path to project implementations and create sandboxes for pilot testing. Most CBDC proposals maintain a two-tier monetary system architecture with licensed intermediaries. The inclusion of private market feedback is important to stay on top of developments.

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