Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 32-2020)

Weekly BC Insights

Is Bitcoin entering the bull market?


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This week’s blockchain insights focus on Bitcoin, the state of Web 3 and bullish crypto market developments.

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Blockchain basics & market insights

How do we make it easier for people to join the blockchain space, to join blockchain ecosystems and significantly contribute to the growth of the space? James O’Beirne shared a great insight for first-time contributors to core protocols (Bitcoin) including great initial tasks and challenges when working with existing developers. The core of Bitcoin and other blockchain protocols are security-critical. Much needed are quality reviewers – but not many are capable of doing that. If you want to significantly contribute to the core you have to build up reputation.

Chorus One published a report on liquid staking which includes desired characteristics, analyses of approaches, and current solutions, benefits and risks, as well as the impact on liquidity, price discovery and network. What is liquid staking? “We use the term liquid staking to describe protocols that issue on-chain representations of staked assets in a decentralized network. Through tokenization, liquid staking protocols allow users to get liquidity on staked assets and enable the usage of staked assets as collateral in (decentralized) financial applications. Other terms that have been used to describe such protocols are staking derivatives and programmable staking.”

The blockchain oracle problem is well-known and summarized in this writeup. Many blockchain projects face the question of whether to build their own oracle solution, to rely on the leading blockchain oracle provider Chainlink, or to use multiple blockchain oracles. While this part of the industry is still young, more and more projects are evolving. We’ve curated a list of all blockchain oracle solutions.


Crypto funding, acceleration & investing

Outlier Ventures shared a report on Web 3 funding in Q2. This report shows the massive interest in DeFi but also the uncertainty in markets and a drop in funding. Equity seed funding was most attractive.

Genesis Trading also released its Q2 market observations and confirmed the shift in focus towards Defi and lending. Also, professional investors in crypto and in DeFi are looking more and more into derivatives. This growth is expected to continue in Q3 & beyond.

When discussing the growth of price, it’s also important to understand market sentiment and indicators when the top is reached in order to not miss a good selling opportunity – if you’re not a long-term holder. Coverage by mainstream newspapers & DeFi price discussions in taxis might be signs of reaching the top.

A new DeFi accelerator program has launched. This connects DeFi startups with liquidity providers and DeFi veterans such as SNX founders, Compound founders & Aave founders. If you’re building in DeFi – check it out!

Dave Portney, Raoul Paul and other traders are currently expressing more and more interest in Bitcoin as an investment or trading opportunity. With their large numbers of followers, active engagements and bullish predictions they may impact the market seriously and onboard new people to crypto.

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