Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 27-2020)

Weekly BC Insights

Growth of crypto ecosystems


Blockchain Insights about DeFi and blockchain governance

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This week’s blockchain insights focus again largely on DeFi but also include great resources that explain how layer 1 blockchain protocols, DeFi, and governance evolve and relate to each other.

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Blockchain Research & Blockchain Insights

Coingecko released its Q2 report on the crypto market. BTC is up 78% since March. Stablecoins are very much in demand but trading volume decreased. They are most likely used as a hedge against the economic crisis or locked-up in DeFi to generate returns. The overall market cap of crypto grew significantly in Q2. Since spot trading declined, there could be a shift towards hodling, derivatives and DeFi trading.

The authors of the following research paper have evaluated existing blockchain design and Dapp development approaches and propose a three-stage process to address the usability and complexity of blockchain technology:Requirement modelling of DApps (AOM), Architecture modelling (goal model diagram), Use-case modelling (sequence diagrams).

Blockchain governance is complex and a lot of experimentation is happening at the moment with governance tokens and on-chain governance. Blockchain was often described as a trustless system but it is more about minimizing trust.

Through a formal framework for governance and ongoing improvements of governance processes this previously rigid governance process moves towards rapid software development lifecycles. This leads to constant innovations and improvements of the product offering.

Cameron Winklevoss shared his perspective on the USD and Bitcoin investments. Putting this controversial tweet into perspective of the pandemic and the governments’ response of printing money – this may help some people learn about money, monetary policy and Bitcoin.

We have shared an introduction to crypto and money that includes a comparison of money, Gold, Bitcoin and stablecoins. Eric Voorhees explains the superiority of Bitcoin compared to Gold in regard to “verifiability”.

The latest developments in DeFi and the launch and improvements of layer 1 protocols and token economics led to some predictions for the future of the blockchain industry. The following thread includes theses about layer 1 protocols, layer 2 solutions and the adoption of blockchain apps.

Techemy Capital shared a nice insight into what fuels the DeFi ecosystem on Ethereum and how the different aspect accelerate each other. Layer 1 blockchain protocols, inherent incentives and the ecosystem are the underlying force of DeFi. Important building blocks such as stable coins, DEXs and lending protocols enabled innovation and additional protocols. New protocols, tokens and projects facilitate the composability of protocols, management of portfolios and add liquidity to accelerate the growth of the ecosystem

Blockchain and especially tokens are great for growth hacking and incentivization of people and businesses. Web 3 also enables new business models but only a few crypto-unique models have been identified. Flash loans are among the most radical innovations.

We have already listed blockchain functionality that can be used individually or in combination to enable general use cases. We will share more insights into use cases and Web 3 business models in blockchain solutions for businesses in the future.

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