Weekly BC Insights (CW 23-2020)

Weekly BC Insights

Coinbase, developments & milestones

Best of Blockchain Twitter

In Weekly Blockchain Insights, we share the most interesting Twitter updates and discussions from all blockchain ecosystems and various different blockchain topics from the past week. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter below and get all blockchain insights to your inbox.

We started last week with a collection of “best blockchain & crypto tweets of all-time” – make sure to check it out if you haven’t done it already! This week’s blockchain insights include discussions about Coinbase, privacy, smart contracts, interoperability, token economics and applications.

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Blockchain Basics

On the 3rd of January 2020, Nakamoto.com launched in order to create a venue for quality technical, philosophical, and cultural writing that is of general interest to the crypto community as a whole, for beginner and expert alike. Haseeb Qureshi shared another part of his great intro to cryptocurrency.

There was a good discussion about the best newsletters. Our list of newsletters can be found here.

Crypto.com has started sharing great educational content. Here’s an extensive intro to scalability.

Blockchain.com shared a “roadmap” towards open finance and full tokenization.


Current Blockchain Discussions

Coinbase has repeatedly been down when prices surged rapidly and received serious criticism this week.

Coinbase is about to sell tracking software to government agencies

Bitcoin has passed a massive milestone. The accumulated work put in is as large or even larger…

Theta network was launched on mainnet 2.0. Theta is a platform for video delivery.

Libra has issued its whitepaper 2.0 while waiting for regulatory certainty.

Initialization of InterWork Alliance by NEO, Microsoft, Accenture, SDX & Digital Asset.

Elrond is getting closer to its mainnet launch and runs an incentivized testnet.

EOS celebrates a soft milestone: 2 years after mainnet launch.


Other Blockchain Insights

One interesting finding this week was that Grayscale’s Ethereum trust has been trading extremely high compared to its “actual current” value.

A great Token Engineering meetup was organized and a fantastic intro to bonding curves was shared.

A nice visual on the growing number of funds locked-in DeFi.

Various protocols in DeFi are adjusting business models, extending functionalities and offerings.

Decentralized governance is becoming a thing including governance tokens.

A great overview on the state of blockchain interoperability was published.

Smart contract education is somewhat limited. Here’s a good collection of videos.

Enigma blockchain has been renamed to Secret Network. It’s leveraging Cosmos technology and it utilizes a new coin for its privacy ecosystem.

A discussion about a privacy-enhancing tech stack has been started. On each “layer” privacy must be tackled.

Self-sovereign identity is being discussed a lot lately – especially in regards to tracking Covid-19.

An insight to Web 3 and social media is presented here:


Blockchain Events

DAO rush week showcased numerous DAOs and helped onboard new people.

Messari’s mainnet conference was massive & crowded with great projects and speakers.

This week features Web 3.0 Forum at CogX and the second Monero conference in Berlin. You can check all events and meetups in our Blockchain Event Section and add your own for free.

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