Tangany Crypto Custody

Whitelabel Crypto Custody

Tangany GmbH, 2018 founded in Munich, is a white-label custody provider for cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Tangany specializes in the safekeeping, administration and security of private keys in a secure cloud-based HSM environment for B2B customers. Tangany applied for the German Crypto Custody license from the BAFIN to become a compliant German crypto custody white-label provider. Tangany offers a flexible crypto custody product suite and a range of services to provide a customized solution for each client.



Tangany offers a custody suite with a highly modular design that allows clients to use only the required components without overhead. Currently, the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains as well as all ERC-20 tokens are supported.


Tangany Blockchain Custody Suite


Value Proposition and differentiation

Tangany handles the complexity of blockchain for clients from all verticals; and provides crypto custody for finance, crypto custody for tokenized assets, or crypto custody for other blockchain use cases. Tangany is 100% made in Germany and planning to progressively adapt the commercial strategy with a transition from direct sales (B2B) to a partnership strategy (B2B2B) to rely on external actors to distribute our offer to our customers. This will enable us to stay focused on the technical development of our tools as the core of our value lies in the intelligence of our analytics. Tangany’s most important value drivers are:

  • Full-Service Custody Service (B2B)
  • 100% White-Label B2B Service
  • Applied for German Crypto Custody license
  • Unlimited Scalability (cloud-based)
  • In-house API development
  • Full-Managed (with our license) or Tech-Managed (need your own license)
  • Full Node Cluster for ETH & BTC
  • Insured Service
  • Omnibus & Segregated Wallets
  • Crypto Payment Processing
  • Multi-Tenant Accounts


Target customers and partners

Tangany’s comprehensive crypto custody product suite and crypto custody services can be leveraged in any industry. The current focus is on the financial sector, the field of tokenization and crypto-native fields due to the high demand from these areas and positive long-term network effects.

  1. Financial sector: Banks, Neo-Banks, traditional Custodians, Neo-Brokers, Financial institutions, Financial Tech-Providers, Family Offices,
  2. Tokenization: STO-Advisors, Issuing Platforms, STO-Exchanges, STO-Tech-Providers, Blockchain-Developers
  3. Crypto sector: Crypto-Advisors, Blockchain Startups, Crypto-Exchanges, Crypto funds


How to get started?

You can best get in contact by checking out the website including insights to the crypto custody product suite and by reaching out to Julian Richter, Head of Sales & BD.

Website: www.tangany.com

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/tangany

E-Mail: julian.richter@tangany.com

Phone: +49 172 6786722

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