Skillz node infrastructure


Blockchain orchestration at your fingertips

Skillz started providing node infrastructure in 2019 with Ethereum and added more protocols such as Tezos & Pocket Network and cloud providers such as Azure, Google or AWS over time. Skillz enables DApps, Corporations and Individuals to host their blockchain nodes for several protocols. Since 2020, Skillz also enables staking for POS blockchains through your own nodes.

The Skillz blockchain-as-a-service (Ba²S) platform enables clients to participate in POS consensus protocols. The unique node infrastructure is distributed among several cloud providers for security, availability, existing requirements & preferences. We are always integrating new protocols with a focus on POS.


Value Proposition and differentiation

Setting up and managing nodes can be a pain point for companies. Studying, bootstrapping and monitoring a blockchain network is time-consuming, hence money-consuming, especially for companies without the know-how.

We solve this problem enabling our customers to deploy their highly-available blockchain networks in a few clicks and manage the deployed blockchains from a unique interface.

BaaS comes with a built-in blockchain explorer, and is customizable for clients. For example, for Tezos a Web IDE is integrated.

Skillz is the only French infrastructure provider.


Target customers and partners

Our solutions are for large Corporates, Blockchain Pure-Players or Individuals. The pricing depends on the protocols, network (mainnets, private network, testnets) and the number of running nodes.


How to get started?

Get in touch with Grégoire ( so we can evaluate your needs and tell you more about what we offer.


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