IOTA is an open-source data communication protocol and zero-fee microtransaction system utilizing distributed ledger technology. This allows participants in the IOTA network (“the Tangle”) to securely and immutably encrypt, transfer and store data. The Tangle provides a single source of truth and trust in data, with a goal of being the backbone of (every)thing in a highly networked world.

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Reimagining open infrastructure for our digital economy, ready for humans and devices.

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Consensus: Coordinator
Hash algorithm: Curl
Block time: not applicable
Max supply: ≈2,779,530,283 Million
Circ. supply: ≈2,779,530,283 Million
Transaction cost: ≈0
Block reward: not applicable (0)
Mainnet: July 2016

Main use case:
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The story of IOTA

The current blockchain technology has inherent flaws and is depending on miners for governance and to secure the network. Due to the fee structure, it is not a feasible model for the upcoming internet of things and the machine (programmable) economy. IOTA was designed from the ground to overcome these flaws and offers a secure public, permissionless and most importantly zero-fee network for data and value transactions with the Tangle. IOTA is open source, industry and vendor neutral to ensure trust in a digital world and to become the backbone of (every)thing in a highly networked world. 


Non-technical IOTA onboarding resources

These resources help you to get to know IOTA, to understand how IOTA works and to start using IOTA. 


IOTA Onboarding Resources for technical people

These resources help you to get to know IOTA on a technical level and to start working with it. After going through the IOTA resources you are able to determine when it makes sense to use IOTA, how to set up and run a node, network or application.

Available Tooling

Tooling is listed in this documentation.

How can you join and contribute

Tokenomics in IOTA

Transactions are free of charge, hence also data can be sent for free and without the need to purchase the value token. IOTA’s feeless system allows microtransactions without any fees. After the implementation of the coordicide project, the token will be used to generate Mana, which will act as a rate-control limiter. Mana will be created through the use of the IOTA token. The more Mana (Reputation) is available for a node, the higher the TPS it is allowed to send to the network and its peer neighbors.

Go to to discuss and improve current approaches.

Governance in IOTA

IOTA Foundation is building the Tangle, core technology parts and also engaging in a research council. The IOTA Foundation has started a working group collaboration with the Eclipse Foundation in the Tangle EE. The Tangle EE provides a governed environment for organizations and contributors to develop new ideas and applications using IOTA technologies. Ultimately, node owners decide on running open source IOTA software (upgrades).

Learn more about members, projects and joining the Tangle EE here.



The ecosystem

The IOTA ecosystem is led by the IOTA Foundation but includes also a large community and a number of research and industry partners. While IOTA Foundation is championing core tech development, working with regulators and consulting projects, the IOTA Ecosystem is also engaging in research, education, and building projects.

See IOTA Ecosystem here and an Ecosystem Development Fund here.

Important parties in the ecosystem
  • Individuals, community leaders, developers
  • IOTA Foundation
  • IOTA Ecosystem
  • Tangle EE
  • Industry & Research partner


IOTA focuses on performance improvements and the upgrade of the main network towards decentralization and technological maturity. By August 2020, IOTA aims to upgrade the network to IOTA 1.5 “Chrysalis” before starting a “Coordicide testnet” in the end of 2020. Besides that, IOTA is improving Trinity wallet for better user adoption and working on a smart contract layer.

An interactive Roadmap is available here.


IOTA community knowledge base

IOTA has a large number of PoCs with industry partners in various regions. Make sure to add real projects here and influencers here.