Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum Classic is a decentralized computing platform that executes smart contracts. Applications are ran exactly as programmed without the possibility of censorship, downtime, or third-party interference. Ethereum Classic is the continuation of the unaltered history of the original Ethereum chain. The ETC network exists to preserve the principle of “Code is Law”.

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Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum Classic provides a decentralized platform that runs decentralized applications exactly as programmed.

 Source code

Consensus: Proof of Work
Hash algorithm: ETHash
Block time: 13 seconds
Max supply: 210.7 Million
Circ. supply: ≈116.5 Million
Block reward: 3.2 ETC
Mainnet: 30th July 2015

Main use cases:
General purpose, dApps, smart contracts

Community & Communication:
ETC Labs Telegram
Discord Eth Core
Discord Chat


The story of Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic maintains the original, unaltered history of the Ethereum network. A third-party project called “the DAO” was hacked and about one third of the funds were siphoned. The Ethereum Foundation created a new version of the Ethereum mainnet with an irregular state change implemented that erased The DAO theft from the Ethereum blockchain history. The Ethereum Foundation applied their trademark to the new, altered version of the Ethereum blockchain (ETH). The older, unaltered version of Ethereum was renamed and continued on as Ethereum Classic (ETC). In Ethereum Classic “Code is law” and all executions and transactions are final and immutable.

Here you can read about the Declaration of Independence and a new brand positioning proposal.


Non-technical Ethereum Onboarding Resources

These resources help you to get to know Ethereum Classic, understand how Ethereum Classic works and how you can use Ethereum Classic. 


Ethereum Classic Onboarding Resources for technical people

These resources help you to get to know Ethereum Classic on a technical level and to start working with it. After going through these resources you are able to determine when it makes sense to use Ethereum Classic, how to set up and run a node, network or application. 


The ecosystem

The Ethereum Classic ecosystem is led by Bob Summerwill and supported by some of the crypto pioneers such as Charles Hoskinson and a number of teams. 5 teams mainly drive adoption but there are more supporting companies and projects in the ecosystem since ETC shares great tooling with Ethereum and allows cheaper transactions. Ethereum Classic will continue to be based on PoW and its miners.




After the split from Ethereum, the Ethereum Classic ecosystem and development seemed to slow down. In 2019, Ethereum Classic was revived and ETC is on track to adopt most of Ethereum’s updates. Ethereum Classic core is supported by multiple companies and the roadmap for 2020 is ambitious. Besides a modernization of websites, new guides, grants for projects, Ethereum classic will implement critical protocol upgrades and add interoperability with Ethereum

More details about the Roadmap can be found here and here.


ETH community knowledge base

The Ethereum Classic ecosystem has supporters from China, the USA, and some other regions as well. New projects are funded especially in interoperability and DeFi. Make sure to add Ethereum Classic projects here and influencers here.