Celo (cGLD)

Celo is a proof-of-stake based blockchain with smart contracts. The technology uses a phone number-based identity system with address-based encryption and eigentrust-based reputation. Celo’s mission is to build a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity – for everyone.

What makes CELO special?

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Celo (cGLD)

Celo is an open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone.

 Source code
Block Explorer (Testnet)

Consensus: BFT-PoS
Hash algorithm:
Block time: 6 seconds
Max supply: 1000 million
Circ. supply: see here
Rewards: see here
Mainnet: Testnet

Main use case:
Payment & DeFi

Community & Communication:
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The story of Celo

The financial system excludes roughly 1 in 3 adults. Cryptocurrencies have a number of advantages to fiat currencies as a means of payment but come with high volatility, high complexity, and haven’t made the financial system more accessible yet. Based on extensive research in emerging markets and developing countries — Tanzania, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, the Philippines, and Kenya — Celo is building a mobile-first blockchain platform alongside a suite of financial tools to make sending a payment as easy as sending a text message. The Celo Blockchain has shared ancestry with Ethereum, and maintains full EVM compatibility for smart contracts but uses a BFT consensus mechanism, different block format, transaction format, client synchronization protocols, and gas payment and pricing mechanisms. Celo has started an Alliance for prosperity and its platform is open and allowing for an ecosystem of powerful applications.


Non-technical Celo onboarding resources

These resources help you to get to know Celo, the purpose of Celo, how it works and how you can start using Celo. 


Celo Onboarding Resources for technical people

These resources help you to get to know Celo on a technical level and to start working with it. After going through the Celo resources you are able to determine when to use Celo, how to set up and run a node, network or application.

Available Tooling

SDK, Wallet, Blockchain, Smart Contracts are available here.

Governance in Celo

Celo has developed its platform and core contracts internally. The foundation is responsible for education and community building of the Celo platform. Celo will use on-chain governance mechanisms to manage and upgrade the protocol, for example to upgrade Celo core contracts, to add new stable coins or change the reserve target asset allocations. Celo Gold holders will vote on proposals.

More about Celo governance can be found here and here.


The ecosystem

The Celo Foundation received venture capital financing and support from various players to build the platform and ecosystem. Celo Foundation is the driving force, works with local communities and announced fifty founding members of the Celo Alliance for Prosperity. All members are committed in their own way to helping ensure that Celo delivers on its mission to enable prosperity for everyone.

Important parties in the ecosystem
  • Celo Foundation
  • Local communities that supported research & collaborate on use cases
  • Celo Alliance members

Selected Readings to get into Celo

The following readings are recommended by the Celo community and offer insights to research, news or future improvements.


Celo community knowledge base

Celo works with local communities, committed alliance members and grantees. More parties will start working with the blockchain and can add their projects here to get some exposure. Influencers can show their support here.