PostRaise Blockchain Banking Relations


Fiat Banking for Crypto Businesses

PostRaise is a boutique consultancy focused on solving the Fiat banking problem faced by most crypto businesses no matter where they are in the world. Started in early 2018, PostRaise now has banking relationships with more than 20 banks with a variety of banking “types” from old school private banks through to cutting edge neo banks and some traditional banks.

PostRaise provides consulting and hands-on support to establish banking relationships in various jurisdictions and create a decentralized, robust connection to the FIAT world for blockchain projects and businesses in blockchain.


Value Proposition and differentiation

The value proposition is speed and accuracy. As most crypto businesses don’t know where to start when looking for banks – especially if they are expanding outside of their home market – it’s simply more efficient to hook into the network of banks which PostRaise has already identified. There is no need to reinvent the wheel or to run into dead ends. PostRaise can build a portfolio of banking relationships quickly, ensuring a robust connection to the Fiat world.


Target customers and partners

PostRaise customers are looking to outsource the establishment of banking relationships in various jurisdictions around the world as they don’t have the time or interest in hunting down banks who can offer the services they require for their business to thrive. Quite simply they have more important things to do. PostRaise customers typically must have banking and cannot go through times when their connection to the Fiat world is interrupted whether that is from a bank rugging their account or a regulator/politician changing the rules on the fly.


How to get started?

Drop Sven an email and discuss your banking requirements:

More info:

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