Partnerships & Collaboration – We got a Plan for You –

We support all Web 3 stakeholders with exposure & connections, love contributing to projects and co-creating solutions – especially in DeFi.

1. Explore the blockchain knowledge base and join us is for everyone in blockchain.

The blockchain industry offers many opportunities for individuals, businesses and projects alike. We eliminate the complexity with our comprehensive blockchain knowledge base, blockchain customer service and insights from all categories & ecosystems.

2. Add your info to lists and we support you with intros lists all quality solution providers.

Blockchain technology will fundamentally change how we exchange data and values; and impact people and businesses in all areas. We research the market for the best projects, tools and blockchain solution providers and carefully curate lists to help ecosystem members get exposure & find solutions. To achieve “complete” lists, we enable everyone to add to the lists. We personally follow-up to learn more about offering & needs and match quality parties.

3. Showcase your solutions and get dedicated support gets you exposure, project input & valuable stakeholders. We are 100% hands-on supporters. 

The number of blockchain protocols, projects, tools & solution providers is growing rapidly and it’s hard to keep up. It’s even harder to build a quality, sustainable ecosystem. We enable projects & solution providers to introduce themselves to a wider audience & gain awareness of important stakeholders. Whether you need info, partners, marketing or support with ecosystem building, we want to hear from you. We strive to get you the right partners instantly & look forward to contributing with our ecosystem building experience as well as Web 3 market & DeFi “Poweruser-Knowhow”.

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