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Nyctale is an innovative start-up in the fields of data science and blockchain technologies. Our solution is addressing the lack of monitoring tools on public and private blockchain networks. We provide advanced analytics tools to analyze usages, measure value, and control money flows on blockchain networks. Our advanced modelling tools monitor investment and usage behaviors around crypto-assets, combining the most relevant aspects of Bloomberg and Google Analytics to serve the evolving needs of the blockchain industry.

Nyctale’s SaaS platform enables business and economic intelligence activities around major decentralized applications, focusing on the decentralized finance (DeFi) area and on Proof-of-Stake (PoS) networks. Our solution provides sophisticated KPIs to measure network activity and product adoption to rate and rank targeted assets regarding investment and usage behaviors.


Nyctale blockchain solutions


Value Proposition and differentiation

Our business intelligence software suite is available in a B2B approach through our SaaS platform with a monthly subscription. Pricing starts at several hundred euros per month, and go up to a few thousand euros for bigger customers.

It is exclusively focused on enterprises and financial institutions. Our pricing strategy will enable us to progressively increase our revenue and margin. Our customer targets will advance towards bigger enterprises and institutions, generating more value and more revenue.

We will progressively adapt our commercial strategy with a transition from direct sales (B2B) to a partnership strategy (B2B2B) to rely on external actors to distribute our offer to our customers. This will enable us to stay focused on the technical development of our tools as the core of our value lies in the intelligence of our analytics.


Target customers and partners

Our targeted customer base is heterogeneous, as Business Intelligence services are valuable at different levels of the investment value chain:

  • Professional investors (VCs, Hedge funds): due diligence and decision-aiding tools regarding their investment strategies
  • Liquidity providers (Exchange platform, market makers): due diligence and decision-aiding tools regarding their operational activities (listing of new assets, risk management, etc.)

Application providers (start-ups, enterprises): business intelligence and monitoring dashboard (competitive landscape, sectoral studies, KPIs and benchmark, etc.)


How to get started?

  1. Have an overview of our activity on our website
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