Kairon Labs Market Maker

Crypto market-making and advisory services

Kairon Labs is highly specialized in market making for utility tokens and cryptocurrencies. Kairon Labs has built a trading platform that connects to more than 120 different crypto exchanges. By now, Kairon Labs is one of the highly respected market makers in the crypto ecosystem.

Kairon Labs engages in the “typical market-making” business but values long term relationships with clients and supports them with exchange listings and advisory services. The majority of the team is based in Belgium (Europe) but Kairon Labs services clients worldwide.

The Core Market Making Services include:

  • Improving liquidity depth in order books.
  • Lowering the spread between bid & ask prices.
  • Arbitraging between pairs and exchanges.
  • Supporting price and stability.
  • Tracking wallets through the Ethereum & Binance Chain tracking software.
  • Algorithmic trading with built-in risk management and safety features.
  • Trades are executed through API access and custody remains at the client at all times.


Value Proposition

The full-service crypto market-making, the focus on long-term relationships & personal support helped Kairon Labs become one of the well-known crypto market makers. Advisory services and good relationships to exchanges can benefit small token projects and facilitate their exchange listings and go-to-market. Kairon Labs has already supported a large number of token projects and is tech-agnostic.


Target customers and partners

Typical target customers are all kinds of token projects and cryptocurrencies. Key partners are crypto exchanges.


How do you enable blockchain projects?

Kairon Labs provides orderly markets for clients and their cryptos will become more widely available for all interested parties to buy and sell. Cooperation with Kairon Labs leads specifically to the following short-term and lasting benefits for token projects:

  • The volume will increase organically and there will be deeper liquidity across exchanges.
  • More traders will get attracted to a healthy-looking, volume-rich token project.
  • There will be less price fluctuations.
  • You will receive insights to exchange trading and balances.
  • When Kairon Labs introduces token projects to partner exchanges, listing chances increase.


How to get started?

 You can contact Kairon Labs at https://kaironlabs.com/contact

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