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Frequently asked Questions

We love to build ecosystems & we believe in making knowledge accessible to anyone.

Who should use blockchain technology?

The internet & digital payments will run on DLT technologies in 10+ years. We believe blockchain will enable many people to access finance easily at low-cost. In the short-term, mid- and long-term there are great opportunities for individuals & businesses. We show some in Blockchain Solutions.

How can BC help your (traditional) company?

Since we engage in research and connect with all stakeholders in blockchain, we can get you any info quickly. If you’re interested in exploring blockchain, building a project or finding a crypto project – let us know. We can either help you directly or get you the right partner.

How can BC help your blockchain project?

We continuously look for value-adding tools, projects, and win-win situations for ecosystem members. So, we are happy to showcase your solutions and to support you with ecosystem building.

How to get started with blockchain and crypto?

Have a look at Blockchain Basics and All Research Topics. Make sure to understand the core principles of blockchain and how to securely use and store crypto. We recommend reading the Bitcoin whitepaper, and experimenting with tech and apps that use blockchain already.

How do you become a blockchain expert?

You can go through whitepapers, the Bitcoin Forum, and follow news and industry leaders. But we make this much easier with blockchain insights & our blockchain knowledge base. You may want to take additional courses and join a community like ours on Telegram that is focused on blockchain insights.

Do you recommend investing in crypto?

We do not provide financial advice. Most cryptos are highly volatile in price and high-risk investments. Make sure to understand what you invest in, and only invest what you can afford to lose. And, please be aware of scams.

Questions? Let us know!

I’m Julian. CEO & Founder of After working for top tech startups, with blockchain protocols and in blockchain consulting, I started Web 3 changes how we do business. We look forward to support you, to co-create projects and to enable everyone to learn & earn with us. You can find more about our motivation in our About us section.