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Blockchain is a database that constantly grows with each block and transaction. Blockchain is also a young industry with thousands of researchers, projects & companies that innovate quickly. The crypto & Defi industry is a new financial industry outside the existing financial market that provides opportunities for investors & traders. Developers, investors, traders and users depend on accurate data in order to trust blockchains, use cryptocurrency and decentralized applications & to invest in specific crypto projects or trade cryptos. Many companies track cryptocurrency prices and provide quality data for investors but there are only a few fundamental research & advanced crypto analytics companies for the huge amount of data.

Blockchain research & crypto analytics solution providers

We list blockchain research & crypto analytics companies as well as other tool & service providers in this field.

Get to know blockchain research providers

On BC, all blockchain research & analytics providers can introduce themselves to make it easy for others to pick the perfect match.



Nyctale provides advanced modelling tools to monitor investment & usage behaviors around crypto-assets. These analytics tools help professional users to analyze usages, measure value, and control money flows on blockchain networks. is a blockchain ecosystem builder and global connector of the blockchain ecosystem. Every party gets access to blockchain knowledge and blockchain solutions (providers) for free with no hassle.

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