Blockchain Tooling

Blockchain developers pick a blockchain technology based on existing tooling, and similarly investors & users look for different types of blockchain tools. Consequently, all blockchain ecosystems should provide a number of tools for blockchain developers & projects to make their onboarding as smooth as possible. The different kinds of blockchain tools such as libraries and frameworks can reduce blockchain development time significantly. Ultimately, blockchain developers need some understanding of blockchains, capabilities & limitations but they don’t need to build everything from scratch. Instead of being a jack of all trades, they should leverage existing tooling such as existing wallets, explorers, testing suites or node infrastructure services & add value on top of that.

What blockchain tooling is important to have?

Blockchain tooling should decrease the time of onboarding to a minimum. There are essential blockchain tools that all ecosystems should support & nice-to-have tools.

Blockchain Wallet

All blockchain & crypto users need a wallet to manage keys in order to send & receive crypto. Cold wallets, mobile wallets, desktop wallets and browser extensions are important.

Blockchain Explorer

People may trust in code more than in third parties but it is always important to verify transactions. Blockchain explorers are a key tool and dashboards are nice to have.


It must be easy to work with a blockchain protocol and dapps. SDKs and APIs must be provided by core blockchain developers or third parties to faciliate the use.

(Web) IDE & DEX

If you want to onboard devs and projects, you may add a Web IDE or a DEX. Blockchain developers can get started in minutes & tokens can be listed instantly with less hassle.

Demos & Examples

Building something from scratch takes time. Open-source projects, smart contract templates, and guides can accelerate adoption and lead to network effects.


Development is an iterative process of analysis, design, implementation, testing, releases and maintenance. Testing tool suites save developers time and enable more security.

All blockchain tools

We list all blockchain tools and tool providers and showcase solutions below to help people get started quickly & find all available options.

Get to know blockchain tools 

On BC, all blockchain tooling providers can introduce themselves & explain their value proposition to make it easy to pick the right tool.