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A blockchain solution is a solution based on blockchain or a solution provider in the blockchain ecosystem. The showcasing of all these blockchain solutions shall help you understand the possibilities for you as an individual, business or project starter. We have kept track of what’s going on in blockchain for years and we are about to share more and more blockchain solutions with you. No matter whether you’re personally interested, or you’re curious about the impact of Web 3 on your business, or your blockchain project needs to get up and running – we can help you with insights, ideas and contacts.

Individuals: Should you care about blockchain?

Blockchain is a radical innovation and opens up many opportunities. Blockchain technology is likely an important part of the future internet. The “blockchain topic” is interlinked with philosophy, sociology, economics and people in the field are investigating the impact on our societies, businesses and personal exchanges. Are you interested in fair economies, better policy systems, understanding how the future of social media networks may look like and especially making well-informed financial decisions without depending on others?


  • Sell products
  • Offer services
  • Raise funds
  • Support projects

New Industry

  • Learn
  • Play with the tech
  • Build great stuff
  • Join companies

Personal Finance

  • Contribute
  • Receive rewards
  • Earn interest
  • Access to finance


  • Stop oversharing
  • Know your data
  • Control your data
  • Sell your data

Societal Impact

  • Change systems
  • Circular economy
  • Direct support
  • Equal opportunity

Companies: Should you care about blockchain?

Blockchain offers traditional companies and development companies opportunities to improve sales. In this new industry, participants require similar professional services and products as in existing industries, for example in marketing, tech, compliance and legal areas. Blockchain provides further opportunities for companies to raise funds, to introduce new business models, potentially reduce costs, and add security to certain processes. At this point in time, blockchain technology is at an infant stage, and the use comes also with significant risk. Decision-makers may want to assess potentials and threats of this new technology and emerging industry for their business – especially since governments started supporting this technology and regulatory changes offer new opportunities.


  • Videos & Blogs
  • Training & events
  • Workshops
  • Consulting

Improve trust

  • Add transparency
  • Cooperatives
  • Sharing economy
  • Connect users

Improve Sales

  • New demand
  • Global access
  • New rev models
  • Better retention

Lower costs

  • Access to finance
  • Hosting costs
  • Cheap contracts
  • Data security


  • SSI – user control
  • Crypto regulation
  • New bus models
  • Financing options

Blockchain projects: How to succeed?

“Blockchain projects” refer to businesses that work with blockchain, utilize blockchain and especially those that issue a token through a crowdfunding or airdrop. These blockchain projects must manage all ordinary business practices and pay additional attention to fields such as finance, (blockchain) development, stakeholder engagement and compliance. So far, the most profitable businesses working with blockchain have been infrastructure projects such as exchanges, companies providing tools such as mining hardware, and businesses providing traditional services such as consulting, legal and development services. More companies start providing products and services in form of BaaS (“Blockchain as a Service”) while the initial ICO hype has decreased but remains a fundraising option for blockchain projects – especially since the issuance of a well-designed token can lead to a token economy and highly incentivized stakeholders. Projects that issue all or some of their tokens through an ICO, IEO or STO must have financial and crypto expertise to manage their holdings, the denomination of it, and enable trading and liquidity. Actions may have immediate effects on all stakeholders.


  • Protocol choice
  • Development
  • Audits
  • SDKs? UI/UX?

Project growth

  • Define value-add
  • Onboard non-cryptos
  • Improve technology 
  • Marketing & community


  • Public relations
  • Contribution & reward
  • Reputation scores
  • Staking mechanisms


  • New funding options
  • Use of funds 
  • Token price
  • Token trading

Blockchain protocols: What to consider?

Public permissionless blockchain protocols such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are decentralized in nature. Some of the more recently launched protocols are started by centralized organizations but they also aim for decentralization. These blockchain protocols face similar issues as other blockchain projects but must further build, maintain and improve the core technology, and support the growth of an entire ecosystem including governance and sustainability of it. Interests of ecosystem members are not aligned but blockchain protocols must attract and incentivize all stakeholders such as validators, projects, investors, users, developers and other individuals to join at all times and remain in the ecosystem. The core technology must enable security, decentralization and scalability to achieve TRUST among unknown stakeholders which derives from truly immutable records and a functioning network.

It is a complex task to build a blockchain ecosystem around a performant, efficient blockchain technology (DLT) that can become an important part of Web 3, that is interoperable and compatible with other components, and enables people and businesses to use the network without restrictions – no matter if there is one or 1000s of applications, if the network is under attack, or if there’s a black swan event. You need expertise in all these areas and create solutions that are secure, maintainable, extensible, adjustable and easy to use. 


  • Design protocol
  • DIY or support?
  • Focus? Use cases
  • Required tooling


  • Silo vs. openness
  • Tech vs. promo
  • Core vs. app devs
  • R&D vs. copycat


  • Reward systems
  • Ambassadors
  • Partner networks
  • BD, Content, Dev


  • VC vs. ICO
  • Exchange listing
  • Liquidity
  • Treasurer


  • How to value?
  • Add token utility
  • Grant program
  • Incubation & VCs

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