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Thousands of blockchain projects have been built. Many of them have not passed the experimental stage while others are now being used by a few thousand users daily. The best known blockchain use cases are in digital payments & decentralized finance with billions of USD locked in projects. Digital tokens improve the time to liquidity significantly & enable businesses to track and trace value transfers. Fields such as digital collectibles and games get more attention and are being applied next to notarization, authentication, tokenization and various other blockchain use cases in all industries. Our goal is to educate about the potential of blockchain and Web 3, to help people understand the specific value proposition of blockchain projects and start using, contributing & benefiting from them.

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DEXTF is an on-chain non-custodial asset management protocol. You can create & invest in decentralized funds, 60+ tokens and structured tokens. Structured Tokens combine features such as yields, derivatives, synthetics or options, and provide investors different risk-return profiles & payoffs.



BlockAxs is a legal tech startup that offers digital contract management and utilizes the Stellar blockchain to timestamp signatures. ContrAxs simplifies the creation, editing, negotiation, signing and management of contracts all on one platform.

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Decentralized finance is growing quicker than any other blockchain use case. Learn more about DeFi, its current state, what you can do, and which projects you can use!