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Our blockchain comparisons & crypto lists

Layer 1 blockchain protocols

This overview includes 75+ layer 1 blockchain protocols, filter options & great onboarding resources.

Best crypto newsletters

This list covers the best newsletters in blockchain, cryptocurrency & DeFi. 

Blockchain news outlets

This list includes the major blockchain and crypto news outlets.

Blockchain Consortia

This list features more than 20 blockchain consortia.

Crypto outlooks for 2020

This article features a list with 13 blockchain reviews of 2019 and outlooks for crypto in 2020. 

Top 50 Blockchain Experts

These blockchain experts have been in the crypto industry for years and contributed to its success until now.

Other comparison websites


The most visited crypto website lists crypto tokens, coin metrics, exchange listings, charts and more.


Cryptocompare shares a large list of wallets, their security, anonymity, functionality and ease of use. 


Cryptowisser provides a comparison list with 500+ exchanges, user scores, fees, and deposit methods.

Mining profitability

 ASIC Miner Value shares a list of manufacturers, vendors, and ASIC mining profitability per hardware.

Staking Services

Staking Rewards provides a list of 200+ staking service providers including the projects they support.

ICO projects

ICObench lists more than 5000 ICO projects. The website also includes other market stats and ICO reports.

STO projects

STOscope lists more than 100 Security Token Offerings as well as links to platforms and service providers.


Stateofthedapps shares a list of decentralized applications with great info, rankings, and stats.


DeFi Pulse provides insights to DeFi projects and stats including rankings for different categories.

Digital Assets Custody

Digital Assets Custody lists more than 50 crypto custodian service providers, their locations and offering.

Blockchain Startups EU

chainEurope has a directory of 700 European blockchain startups and some investors, accelerators & consultants.

Blockchain Project Security

Consensys Diligence provides security information of projects including audits, bounties, and security contacts.

More lists

Blockchain Investors

This crypto investor database by Regan Bozman includes more than 90 crypto funds and 250 funded projects. 

Web 3 Revenue Primitives

This large list of web3 revenue primitives was created by the ETHMagicians business models ring.

DeFi Oracles

This small curated list by Linda Xie includes oracle methods and contract addresses used in DeFi projects.

Blockchain Education

The US Office of Educational Technology created a network and lists about 70 blockchain efforts in education.

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