Blockchain Knowledge Base

This is the most comprehensive blockchain knowledge base. There is an introduction to blockchain, to each blockchain topic and to Web 3. It is getting really easy to assess and join the blockchain ecosystem with the great overview of blockchain protocols and each protocol’s good onboarding resources. We gather the best info about blockchain, protocols, and solutions and share all in a highly structured way for devs, investors and businessmen to simplify your crypto journey.

Blockchain Basics

This introduction to blockchain and cryptocurrency explains the natural evolvement and how to get started.

It will be very easy and fast to go through these 6 “Blockchain for dummies” – steps. Afterwards you know why Bitcoin and blockchain was started, which problems it may help to solve and how you can use crypto today. This the blockchain knowledge base for beginners.

All Blockchain Topics

Protocols must consider tech, economics and community topics to grow a sustainable blockchain ecosystem.

You will find great introductions to each of the blockchain topics and additional references to further in-depth articles and research. If you want to dive deep into one specific area that’s the place to start. This part of the blockchain knowledge base is for everyone that wants specific topic expertise or engage in blockchain research.

Blockchain Protocols

Picking the right blockchain ecosystem is essential for building decentralized applications and growing your personal wealth.

We provide a great overview of all layer 1 blockchain protocols and make it easy to assess, join, contribute or pick the right protocol. You can find good onboarding resources for layer 1 blockchain protocols. This enables you to easily join blockchain ecosystems. In the near future, it will be even easier to find the right protocol and get the info you need as validator, investor, user or developer.

Blockchain Insights

We provide insights about blockchain technology, the blockchain market, protocols & blockchain-enabled solutions.

There is a lot of noise in blockchain and crypto. We don’t share all blockchain news but filter and present great updates from topic experts and our insights to all blockchain topics and the industry.

Blockchain & Web 3

Web 3 will be more connected, open, intelligent and user-centered and allow preserving data sovereignty.

The current internet – Web 2 – is a platform-economy. A few global platforms such as Facebook or Airbnb benefit from user-generated content and data. In Web 3 people can regain control over data (values), and monetarize and exchange it. Blockchain will be one part of the tech stack with various other components.

Lists & Comparisons

We provide a collection of research overviews and lists.

We invest significant time in gathering great data and insights about projects, tools and the market. Lists and overviews shall help reduce your time to find the right data, people, and companies and make well-informed decisions. We welcome your input, specific research requests and other contributions.