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There is a lot of noise and tribalism in crypto and blockchain since there are thousands of projects and invested people. We help you cut through the noise by curating expert insights on the various blockchain topics. By covering the most important topics from the wider blockchain ecosystem you’ll get insights from outside your current bubble. And to make it easier, we provide a weekly update with all insights & interesting blockchain solutions. Sign up to the newsletter and the updates are sent directly to your inbox.

Our Blockchain Insights

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 30-2020)

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 30-2020)

This week’s blockchain insights include positive news for crypto custody services in the USA, the importance of community development for blockchain projects, and key metrics for DeFi investing.

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 28-2020)

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 28-2020)

Blockchain insights cover a wide range of topics including the Coinbase IPO, stablecoins blacklisting crypto addresses, CBDCs, the recent success of PoS coins & staking incentives.

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 27-2020)

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 27-2020)

Insights to blockchain governance and the growth of blockchain ecosystems were shared. Layer 1 protocols, layer 2 protocols, tokens and apps fuel each other’s growth.

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