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There is a lot of noise and tribalism in crypto since there are thousands of projects and invested people. In our newsletter, we share carefully selected insights to Web 3 and top blockchain ecosystems including stats and analytics to help you level up and cut through the noise. Sign up to the newsletter & the updates are sent directly to your inbox. If you are more interested in what’s going on in crypto, and don’t want to miss the most recent news, bookmark this page & check our curated insights below.

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Stay up-to date with the most recent news about the blockchain industry, projects and solution providers with us.

CryptoCompare aggregates all crypto news sources including the great coverage from Cointelegraph and Coindesk. This means you’ll never miss any news by following the news right here – no matter if you’re looking for project announcements, corporate adoption, price changes or blockchain technology updates.

Our daily Crypto Insights

We share insights about blockchain technology, the blockchain market, protocols & solution providers to enable you.

We curate the best tech, project & market insights from experts, add context if helpful, and share our own insights. We showcase solution providers and their value-add in web 3. Insights are educational – preferably directly from the sources – and shall help you understand crypto, join this amazing industry & get in touch with projects.

Research & Analytics

We share all Tweets from blockchain research & analytics providers which give you an edge in the market.

Tons of transactional data and metadata can be analyzed on blockchains. On-chain analytics tell us a lot about the crypto market and its participants. This area is already getting sophisticated and will grow significantly in the coming years. Blockchain data providers and blockchain research companies curate on-chain and off-chain data, publish market reports and share project analyses.

Crypto Influencer Updates

We share all Tweets from top blockchain influencers which cover in-depth topics as well as overall sentiment well.

Some featured crypto influencers are technical thought leaders, others are crypto investors or project leaders. This combination of in-depth crypto insights from different topic experts is invaluable.

Crypto Investor Updates

We share Tweets from crypto, blockchain & Web 3 investors which include quality market insights & new project teasers.

The early stage of Web 3 offers many opportunities and a variety of investment strategies. While most investors are long-term bullish on crypto and Web 3, there are numerous investment theses. Some focus on trading while others focus on investments into layer 1 protocols, Defi, infrastructure or startups among other things.

DeFi Project Updates

We share Tweets from leading Defi projects to enable you to participate in governance & follow this rapidly moving market.

Decentralized finance is one of the “most exciting” fields in crypto and one that sees serious adoption from traders, investors and centralized finance companies. Staying up to date with projects and personal investments is a challenge in Defi. With this feed, you’re not gonna miss new products & important governance issues.

Layer 1 Protocol Updates

We share Tweets from layer 1 blockchains since it’s essential to keep up with the wider ecosystem & tech providers.

Layer 1 blockchain protocols do not only build the core technology, ensure decentralization, security and scalability but also focus on building ecosystems and supporting ecosystem projects. Keeping up with multiple ecosystems, finding the right way to participate & contribute is a challenge – but these updates make it much easier.

Exchanges & Wallets

We share Tweets from wallets, exchanges & DEX aggregators which offer trading insights, competitions and nice rewards.

Crypto exchanges, wallets & on-ramps are important to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. Centralized exchanges & custodial wallets are the most adopted user-facing applications & critical to onboard more people to crypto. More and more services such as staking & ICOs are offered on these platforms. Decentralized exchanges grew rapidly in 2020 and enable trading without giving up costody.