Blockchain Ecosystem Building Company is a global connector of the blockchain ecosystem which is comprised of protocols, projects, businesses and individuals. We aim to provide each and every party in the global blockchain market with the opportunity to enjoy full access to blockchain knowledge and solutions (providers) with less effort, no cost and no hassle.

The current fragmentation and opacity of the market, as well as the gap between solution providers and seekers, is carefully reduced to a minimum through a comprehensive blockchain knowledge base, the showcasing of blockchain solutions, a unified communications channel for all blockchain ecosystems, and especially accessible lists and personal introductions.

Behind the scenes, the aggregation of structured qualitative data puts us in a prime position to identify industry trends and touchpoints among businesses cost-efficiently. In combination with our fair, high-reward affiliate program, this allows us to consistently match parties in blockchain, to maximize conversion rates of referrals and to roll out additional value-adding initiatives for this fast-growing ecosystem.

Blockchain Ecosystem Building

Value Proposition and differentiation

There are strong tribalism tendencies among different blockchain ecosystems due to the strong token incentivization mechanisms. In combination with the complexity of systems, technical jargon, and the absence of tangible products this harms broader adoption. We believe a young, emerging industry like blockchain must collaborate on important issues and be accessible to everyone. We help everyone get insights directly from the experts and enable quality parties to join, collaborate and succeed.

Many parties in blockchain already use referral agreements. Professional investors and advisors are more active in supporting portfolio companies in blockchain than in any other industry. However, there is no one that provides free, objective blockchain customer service, connects with all kinds of blockchain protocols, projects and companies, showcases all these solutions openly, and proactively connects all quality parties.

We are that true friend that is always in your corner ready to support you. Currently, we present blockchain solutions on the website and personally connect all quality parties in blockchain. In the near-term, we will further enable companies to better assess all solution providers and directly connect with each other through and other platforms. is for everyone who’s interested in blockchain and in accessing resources, solutions & partners to understand, build and grow blockchain projects without wasting valuable time.


Target customers and partners

All our “customers” are actually partners that we help gain exposure and grow projects, ecosystems and businesses. We offer a lot of education and support for free to anyone. In fact, any blockchain project or business in this space can add their solutions to our database and we’ll proactively support them from then on. We only charge a small fee for sharing an in-depth intro of your blockchain solution, for serious business referrals, and for dedicated services to blockchain projects. Anybody in crypto can become part of our affiliate program and earn equally with us (Split of returns 50:50!).


How do you enable blockchain projects?

We believe blockchain and Web 3 is a game-changer for the way we interact and transfer values with each other. All blockchain projects require expertise in many, many areas – no single company can do all on its own and no one has to start from scratch when we can utilize best practices from existing blockchain ecosystems. Overall, the ecosystem is developing rapidly but much more can be achieved by bringing the right parties together. We give projects & businesses exposure, help users access interesting projects and insights from all ecosystems, and ultimately support blockchain projects with ecosystem building & strategy from the BC playbook.


How to get started?

  1. Newbie: Check out our comprehensive blockchain knowledge base.
  2. All: Join us on Telegram & Twitter for insights from all ecosystems. Become part of our BC Friends.
  3. Blockchain Solution Provider: Take a look at all lists below, add your own solutions & get in touch!

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