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Innovative contract management of the future

BlockAxs was founded in 2018 after the team met at the blockchain autumn school in Mittweida, Germany. BlockAxs worked on access right management and pioneered an STO with the german regulator before shifting 100% towards a SaaS solution for contract management and has become one of the most promising early-stage legal tech startups in Germany.

BlockAxs offers the digital & sustainable contract management of the future. ContrAxs helps throughout the entire lifecycle of contracts from creation, to editing, negotiation, signing and management. ContrAxs turns your contracts into Smart Contracts!

ContrAxs simplifies the creation, editing, negotiation, signing and management of your contracts all on one platform with a document generator, collaboration room, electronic signature & the contract management. The signature is notarized on the Stellar blockchain.

Document Generator: The generator engine guides lawyers and other users through the contract creation. Smart links and a smart form make this an automated, seamless process that enables anyone to create complex customized contracts within minutes.

Collaboration Room: All contractual partners can negotiate their contracts together online and digitally through the ContrAxs Collaboration Room and comment, add or change clauses.

Electronic Signature: Anyone can sign contracts with this integrated electronic signature that comply with the highest standards. The contract data as well as the data for identification of the contracting parties are stored securely and unchangeably on a blockchain. 

Contract Management: All contracts can be stored in the ContrAxs contract management section. This enables you to visualise, analyse your contracts, get notifications when legal chanes happen or specified deadlines are approaching.

More analytics will be enabled as well as great add-on tools and packages.

ContrAXs demo


Value Proposition and differentiation

Most document creation & contract development is still done inefficiently and manually. There are a few solutions digitizing single areas such as the signing process but there are no ready-to-go solutions for the full cycle of contract negotiation, creation, management, and analytics. Hence, BlockAxs solves a critical problem for law firms and companies that work with lots of contracts on a daily basis and need a working solution.

Notarization is a natural use case for blockchain and simply integrated into the SaaS platform. Blockchain notarizations are more secure than personal signatures or e-signatures.

In addition to that, the platform shall be future-proof and can integrate and benefit from Web 3 development, various tech & fundraising opportunities.


Target customers and partners

BlockAxs is ready to be used today. A number of customers has moved on from the pilot phase to regular clients. BlockAxs is looking for additional clients, lawyers, law firms and other companies that work with contracts and want to try the platform, streamline and/or improve existing contract processes. There is also an affiliate program with great incentives for partner referrals.


How to get started?

Take a look at the most innovative contract management solution at and get in touch. The BlockAxs team is looking forward to demo the platform, to discuss a trial and to help you get started & improve your contract management!

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