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“Official” blockchain foundations, investors, developers and other crypto enthusiasts provide fantastic crypto newsletters. Some e-mail newsletters focus on monthly, weekly or occasional round-ups. Others provide introductions to crypto topics and deep dives into projects. Bitcoin, crypto analytics, DeFi insights, weekly blockchain insights are in high demand. We have launched our own unique weekly roundup with great blockchain insights.

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In our weekly newsletter we share new research and a collection of the best blockchain tweets from the past week. In our monthly newsletter we share the most important news from all blockchain ecosystems.

Our crypto Newsletter: Blockchain Insights

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 28-2020)

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 28-2020)

Blockchain insights cover a wide range of topics including the Coinbase IPO, stablecoins blacklisting crypto addresses, CBDCs, the recent success of PoS coins & staking incentives.

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 27-2020)

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 27-2020)

Insights to blockchain governance and the growth of blockchain ecosystems were shared. Layer 1 protocols, layer 2 protocols, tokens and apps fuel each other’s growth.

Weekly BC Insights (CW 26-2020)

Weekly BC Insights (CW 26-2020)

Insights to DeFi and liquidity farming were shared. After the successful release of the governance token COMP, many similar offerings and opportunities started to emerge and the value of locked-up tokens rose significantly.

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