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We are connecting the blockchain ecosystem & building a community of knowledgeable doers, hustlers & builders in blockchain, crypto and DeFi.

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We support projects & solution providers in blockchain with referrals. We welcome affiliates from the community to work with us, support us in sales & get 50% of affiliate returns.

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Decentralized protocols should be started by communities and managed by DAOs. We aim to enable discussions, ideas & value-adding blockchain projects without constraints.

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We identify potential customers & partners for all ecosystem members. Introduce leads and we’ll get them quality solutions.

Welcome to our unique affiliate marketing program. The Blockchain-Comparison.com Affiliate Program, also called the BC Friend’s Program, helps all blockchain enthusiasts, contributors and builders monetize their connections in blockchain. With thousands of  blockchain solution providers, hundreds of partners in blockchain, and extensive research and list-building on Blockchain-Comparison.com, BC Friends can simply introduce Blockchain-Comparison.com to leads to help them find the right partner, product or tool. Blockchain-Comparison.com is making fair referral agreements with all blockchain ecosystem members. Whenever we make a business intro for one of your leads, we get a referral fee. After subtracting direct expenses, BC gets 50% of the return & BC Friends get 50% of the return from referral fees. We will also introduce projects, ideas for referrals & additional opportunities to our affiliates.

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We take care of everything. You get 50% of the return from referral fees. Here are 3 examples – numbers can vary & change over time.

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