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Blockchain use cases make sense with 2 or more stakeholders. Most often real value is unlocked by larger consortia that share resources and drive industry adoption in collaboration. “Industry adoption” can happen in existing industries or in new value chains across industries. The first blockchain consortium evolved in the financial industry. By now, there are already 25+ well-known blockchain consortia across all industries and many smaller ones.

All blockchain consortia

You want to join a blockchain consortium in your industry?

You are at the right place

  • IF you are looking for all existing blockchain consortia,
  • IF you are keen on getting into blockchain and willing to dedicate some time to a shared initiative,
  • IF you are interested in the latest discussions, challenges and advancing blockchain adoption,
  • IF you are building a blockchain use case, looking for best practices and about to properly set up your own blockchain consortium,
  • and IF you like to save some time researching the best approaches!

Getting started

  1. Add a blockchain consortium. This is a live database of all consortia in blockchain. Help improving this list & finding relevant initiatives.
  2. Pick a consortium, follow its progress and start contributing. Blockchain relies on collaboration across multiple stakeholders.
  3. Check regularly for updates. We are continuously updating and expanding this database with new consortia & features.
  4. Dig deeper. We engage in research, collect insights from different consortia, constantly look for feedback, and share that. Talk to us.
  5. Build your own blockchain consortium. Define stakeholders & onboard partners to build a meaningful use case. We are here to help.
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