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We make blockchain, crypto & Web 3 more accessible to businesses & individuals by providing customer service for blockchain, sharing great research, showcasing opportunities and connecting everyone.

What we do



We help parties in blockchain find solutions and reach new stakeholders. We prepare lists, make personal intros, and will enable parties to connect through website, tools & platforms.

BD & Strategy

We directly support blockchain projects with ecosystem building and business development based on our in-depth research & vast knowledge of the industry – especially in the EU.

Community initiatives

Our initiatives make it easy to join the blockchain ecosystem. The blockchain knowledge base, intros of blockchain solutions, our TG channel & the affiliate program will get you started.

Why we do it


State of Blockchain

Blockchain is rapidly advancing but some issues hold blockchain back from adoption


Blockchain technology and the Web 3 ecosystem have evolved in the past 11 years from Bitcoin to “Ethereum killers”, the middleware stack and applications. The ecosystem has grown tremendously and has significantly impacted governments, financial institutions and many daily lives. The overall market capitalization has surged to more than 200B USD and is expected to further grow in the next 10+ years to come. But there are still essential components missing for a broader adoption of crypto and use cases. More education, developers, business people and companies are needed to move towards a meaningful application of blockchain technology.

Tribalism tendencies and various other issues are hindering real adoption:

  • The industry is fragmented with projects operating in silos, replicating tech & reaching few people.
  • Ecosystems, projects & tech are neither accessible nor inclusive and resources are scattered.
  • It is almost impossible to find, assess and pick the perfect tech & ecosystem.
  • The value proposition and positioning is not clear for most protocols.
  • The usability is getting better but still too low for “normal users”. There is no customer service.
  • Critical blockchain improvements in scalability, privacy and governance are required.

We can help solving these issues

We are in the perfect position to tackle some of the blockchain industry’s problems

After researching topics, markets and solutions for years, we have collected uncountable resources and best practices for building and scaling ecosystems. Through working with blockchain protocols and in blockchain consulting, we have steadily grown our network in blockchain and 
understand the struggles of all stakeholders. It‘s hard to get into blockchain and to spot differences among projects & solutions from the outside. At the same time, it’s tough to build your own ecosystem, find and onboard stakeholders, stay up-to-date with the industry, all available tools and service providers that you can leverage for your ecosystem. We screen the market for projects, products and tools & share them with you.

We like to compare blockchain projects that issue a cryptocurrency to new countries. You can design your country from scratch, create a legal framework, incentivize people to visit or help you build it up. In our opinion it’s important to have a clear mission, to onboard strong partners and to achieve this goal together. If you are the only one in your country, it will be hard to compete with other countries in the long-term. Network effects are crucial.



Facilitate meaningful connections, advance Web 3 and enable 10x improvements


We believe in personal control of finance and data and in a future internet that is efficient, easy to navigate, and maintains user privacy. Blockchain is one key element that will enable Web 3 and allow us sharing data and values directly with each other. Blockchain also effects business models, financial markets and the liquidity of assets as we start to see from the emergence of a parallel, non-sovereign financial market and the tokenization of assets. People can take self-custody of assets and can consciously decide whether to use third party services or not.

In order to get there, we help people navigate blockchain and break up existing silos in blockchain. We started with a blockchain knowledge base and good insights to blockchain, protocols, solutions. We are now making it easier and easier to find, assess, pick and use blockchain products. Ultimately, we want to enable 10x improvements for individuals and businesses and believe in collaboration across blockchain ecosystems

  • to grow the overall ecosystem and onboard the right people.
  • to improve the understanding of blockchain and especially the possibilities of applying it.
  • to build the Web 3, great projects and meaningful use cases

We got a Plan for You 

We like transparency, care about growing blockchain ecosystems & making the overall ecosystem accessible to everyone.

Showcasing Solutions

For businesses & projects
  • Landing page for blockchain solution
  • Temporarily displayed on homepage
  • Permanently displayed below BC lists
  • Twitter & newsletter mention
  • Introduction to the BC affiliates

Dedicated Support

For businesses & projects
Pr/upon request
  • Direct BD & partnerships
  • Ecosystem analyses & building
  • Project input and advise

Let’s get you started

You can always reach out through the livechat or contact form below.

100+ Lists & Comparisons

We collect blockchain solutions and solution providers in our lists & share all comparison websites to make this the go-to-place. Add your solution as well!

Blockchain Insights

We curate good insights on all blockchain topics from Twitter & share weekly summaries. Tag us (@BCComparison) when you spot great blockchain Tweets.

Blockchain Solutions

We introduce your blockchain solutions and start to showcase use cases, Web 3 business models and possibilities for individuals and businesses. 

BC knowledge base

The blockchain knowledge base includes basics, research on all blockchain topics, blockchain protocols & their onboarding resources and a lot more.

BC Affiliate Program

We build the ecosystem with all ecosystem members together. We fairly share returns from referrals, introduce projects & additional crypto opportunities.

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This Channel focuses on real blockchain insights from all blockchain protocols and opportunities to participate in these blockchain ecosystems.

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I’m Julian. CEO & Founder of Blockchain-Comparison.com. Web 3 changes how we do business. We look forward to support you, to co-create projects and to enable everyone to learn & earn with us.

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