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Layer 1 blockchain protocols

100+ Bitcoin, Ethereum..

Layer 2 blockchain protocols

25+ Lightning Network, Optimism..

Blockchain projects

100+ Defi, Games, Identity projects..

Blockchain Oracles

17+ Chainlink, Band Protocol, DIA..

Blockchain Tooling

40+ Wallets, Explorers, Testing..

Blockchain Infrastructure

40+ Bitfury, Infura, Alchemy..

Crypto Exchange Solutions

50+ Binance, Coinbase, Uniswap..

Blockchain Wallet Solutions

20+ Trezor, Metamask, Trust Wallet..

FIAT-Crypto Onramps

20+ Simplex, LocalBitcoins, Onramp..

Crypto Research & Analytics

20+ Coingecko, Messari, Dune..

Crypto Trading Solutions

30+ TradingView, Alameda Research..

Crypto Custody Solutions

20+ BitGo, Anchorage, Curv..

Crypto Investors

100+ a16z, Placeholder, Multicoin..

Blockchain Tech Providers

Software Development, Auditing..

Blockchain Communities

Associations, Hubs, Meetups..

#1 Cryptocurrency


• Cryptocurrency • Store of value

#1 smart contract platform


• Settlement • DeFi • NFT • Dapps

Blockchain for Interoperability


• Settlement • App-specific chains

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