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Blockchain is about tech, community, game theory, and more. The industry is fragmented with 100s of protocols and 1000s of dapps. It’s hard to find, assess, pick or join projects and keep up with all value-adding tools and parties in the space. We are here to get you answers and solutions easily.

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We list all blockchain solutions & solution providers and get you the best info & partners with less effort, no cost and no hassle.

Layer 1 blockchain protocols

This includes 90+ layer 1 blockchain protocols (Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co).

Layer 2 blockchain protocols

This overview includes 24 layer 2 blockchain protocols.

Blockchain Oracles

This overview includes 13 blockchain oracle providers. 

Crypto influencers

This overview includes 70+ of the top blockchain and crypto influencers. 

All crypto newsletters

This list covers the best newsletters in blockchain, cryptocurrency & DeFi. 

Crypto news outlets

This overview includes the top blockchain news providers.

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Our blockchain insights

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 31-2020)

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 31-2020)

This week’s blockchain insights include 2 different go-to-market approaches for crypto projects, decentralized project governance, cross-project collaborations and insights into non-fungible tokens.

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 30-2020)

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 30-2020)

This week’s blockchain insights include positive news for crypto custody services in the USA, the importance of community development for blockchain projects, and key metrics for DeFi investing.

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 28-2020)

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 28-2020)

Blockchain insights cover a wide range of topics including the Coinbase IPO, stablecoins blacklisting crypto addresses, CBDCs, the recent success of PoS coins & staking incentives.

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Do you work on a dapp, a blockchain project or a protocol?

You need at least some technical knowledge & tools. If you issue a token you also need to consider token economics, listing on exchanges & whether you pay for that. If you build a protocol, you have to enable and incentivize a strong ecosystem. We’ve worked with many projects, analyzed many more ecosystems, and curated a checklist for you to see if you got the most important areas covered.

1. Explore the blockchain knowledge base and join us is for everyone in blockchain.

The blockchain industry offers many opportunities for individuals, businesses and projects alike. We eliminate the complexity with our comprehensive blockchain knowledge base, blockchain customer service and insights from all ecosystems in our Telegram channel.

2. Add your info to lists and we support you with intros lists all quality solution providers.

Blockchain technology will fundamentally change how we exchange data and values; and impact people and businesses in all areas. We research the market for the best projects, tools and blockchain solution providers and carefully curate lists to help ecosystem members get exposure & find solutions. To achieve “complete” lists, we enable everyone to add to the lists. We personally follow-up to learn more about offering & needs and match quality parties.

3. Showcase your solutions and get dedicated support supports you all the way. 

Most people still wonder about blockchain use cases. At the same time, the number of blockchain protocols, projects, tools & solution providers is growing rapidly and it’s hard to keep up. On blockchain projects & solution providers can introduce themselves to a wider audience & gain awareness of important stakeholders. Whether you need info, partner, marketing or support with ecosystem building, we got a plan for you.

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We like transparency, care about growing blockchain ecosystems & making the overall ecosystem accessible to everyone.

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  • Project input and advise

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We curate good insights on all blockchain topics from Twitter & share weekly summaries. Tag us (@BCComparison) when you spot great blockchain Tweets.

Blockchain Solutions

We introduce your blockchain solutions and start to showcase use cases, Web 3 business models and possibilities for individuals and businesses. 

BC knowledge base

The blockchain knowledge base includes basics, research on all blockchain topics, blockchain protocols & their onboarding resources and a lot more.

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We build the ecosystem with all ecosystem members together. We fairly share returns from referrals, introduce projects & additional crypto opportunities.

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