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Layer 1 blockchain protocols

This overview includes 75+ layer 1 blockchain protocols, filter options & great onboarding resources.

All crypto newsletters

This list covers the best newsletters in blockchain, cryptocurrency & DeFi. 

All blockchain news outlets

This list includes the major blockchain and crypto news outlets.


The most visited crypto website lists crypto tokens, coin metrics, exchange listings, charts and more.


Cryptocompare shares a large list of wallets, their security, anonymity, functionality and ease of use. 

Staking Services

Staking Rewards provides a list of 200+ staking service providers including the projects they support.


Cryptowisser provides a comparison list with 500+ exchanges, user scores, fees, and deposit methods.


Stateofthedapps shares a list of decentralized applications with great info, rankings, and stats.


DeFi Pulse provides insights to DeFi projects and stats including rankings for different categories.

#1 Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency  •  Store of value

#1 smart contract platform


dApps  •  ICO •  DeFi

Blockchain for finance


Cryptocurrency  •  Settlement

Our blockchain insights

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 28-2020)

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 28-2020)

Blockchain insights cover a wide range of topics including the Coinbase IPO, stablecoins blacklisting crypto addresses, CBDCs, the recent success of PoS coins & staking incentives.

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 27-2020)

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 27-2020)

Insights to blockchain governance and the growth of blockchain ecosystems were shared. Layer 1 protocols, layer 2 protocols, tokens and apps fuel each other’s growth.

Weekly BC Insights (CW 26-2020)

Weekly BC Insights (CW 26-2020)

Insights to DeFi and liquidity farming were shared. After the successful release of the governance token COMP, many similar offerings and opportunities started to emerge and the value of locked-up tokens rose significantly.

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