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Layer 1 blockchain protocols

This includes all layer 1 blockchain protocols (Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co).

Layer 2 blockchain protocols

This overview includes 25+ layer 2 blockchain protocols.

Blockchain Oracles

This overview includes all blockchain oracle services. 

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This list includes available blockchain tooling from all blockchain ecosystems.

Blockchain projects

This overview includes blockchain use cases & introduces blockchain projects.

Crypto Exchange Solutions

This overview includes (de-)centralized exchanges, exchange tools & services.

Crypto Research & Analytics

This overview includes companies that provide research & (on-chain) analytics.

Crypto Trading Solutions

This overview includes crypto market makers, trading firms & tech providers.

Crypto Custody Solutions

This overview includes crypto custodians and custody solutions.

Blockchain Solutions

We introduce every week blockchain-based protocols, applications and solution providers that use or enable blockchain projects.



Tangany is a whitelabel custody provider for cryptocurrencies and digital assets and specializes in the safekeeping, security and administration of private keys in a secure cloud-based HSM environment for B2B customers.



Nyctale provides advanced modelling tools to monitor investment & usage behaviors around crypto-assets. These analytics tools help professional users to analyze usages, measure value, and control money flows on blockchain networks.

Kairon Labs

Kairon Labs

Kairon Labs is specialized in market making for cryptocurrencies and utility tokens. Kairon Labs has built a trading platform that connects to more than 120 different crypto exchanges and is regarded as one of the leading crypto market makers.

Our blockchain insights

We share every week a collection of the best blockchain tweets and insights to keep you up to date.

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 37-2020)

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 37-2020)

This week’s blockchain insights include middleware protocols and their influence on the adoption of layer 1 protocols as well as the adaptation of CEXs to the growing Defi market and competition from DEXs.

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 35-2020)

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 35-2020)

This week’s blockchain insights include a dramatic story on recovering lost funds, Arthur Hayes’ perspective on crypto & an update on evolving Defi governance, MEME coins & “Uniswap killers”.

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 34-2020)

Weekly Blockchain Insights (CW 34-2020)

This week’s blockchain insights include a report on the state of CBDCs, security measures for smart contracts and blockchain development, and trends towards Web 3 composability.

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