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Lists and Comparisons

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Layer 1 blockchain protocols

100+ Bitcoin, Ethereum..

Layer 2 blockchain protocols

25+ Lightning Network, Optimism..

Blockchain projects

100+ Defi, Games, Identity projects..

Blockchain Oracles

17+ Chainlink, Band Protocol, DIA..

Blockchain Tooling

40+ Wallets, Explorers, Testing..

Blockchain Infrastructure

40+ Bitfury, Infura, Alchemy..

Crypto Exchange Solutions

50+ Binance, Coinbase, Uniswap..

Blockchain Wallet Solutions

20+ Trezor, Metamask, Trust Wallet..

FIAT-Crypto Onramps

20+ Simplex, LocalBitcoins, Onramp..

Crypto Research & Analytics

20+ Coingecko, Messari, Dune..

Crypto Trading Solutions

30+ TradingView, Alameda Research..

Crypto Custody Solutions

20+ BitGo, Anchorage, Curv..

Crypto Investors

100+ a16z, Placeholder, Multicoin..

Blockchain Tech Providers

Software Development, Auditing..

Blockchain Communities

Associations, Hubs, Meetups..

Blockchain Solutions

Every week, we introduce blockchain-based protocols, applications and solution providers that use or enable blockchain projects.



DEXTF is an on-chain non-custodial asset management protocol. You can create & invest in decentralized funds, 60+ tokens and structured tokens. Structured Tokens combine features such as yields, derivatives, synthetics or options, and provide investors different risk-return profiles & payoffs.



BlockAxs is a legal tech startup that offers digital contract management and utilizes the Stellar blockchain to timestamp signatures. ContrAxs simplifies the creation, editing, negotiation, signing and management of contracts all on one platform.



PostRaise is a boutique consultancy focused on solving the Fiat banking problem faced by most crypto businesses no matter where they are in the world. PostRaise has banking relationships with 20+ banks including old school private banks, neo banks & traditional banks.

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